Abby & Allen

by Caroline Stoltzfus

When Beginning the Day Becomes the Beginning of a Lifetime

You never know what a regular day will hold. Sometimes a casual family breakfast can become the start of a forever adventure.

That’s true for Abby and Allen, who first caught each other’s eyes in the most unassuming of places – IHOP. Abby was out to eat with her mother and grandmother, who couldn’t stop giggling the entire morning due to their charming waiter, a young man named Allen.

Another 18 months would pass until the two would officially meet. Through mutual friends they eventually became connected on Facebook. Allen made the first move by slyly getting Abby’s phone number from a friend, and then sending her a text out of the blue. They chatted a bit, but it wasn’t until Abby’s college Thanksgiving break that she decided the two should have their first hangout.

“It wasn’t an official or fancy date but we remember how easy it was to talk to each other,” Abby shares.

After Abby returned to campus, the two spoke every night. It wasn’t long until Allen visited Abby on campus, and the two made their relationship official.

And eight years later, Marcus decided it was time to take the next step.

Family Engagement

The couple has a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Adalia, and on the first nice day of spring the family of three went out for a walk in Cuyahoga Valley National Park after church.

They made their way to the park’s gorgeous waterfall, and Allen asked Adalia and Abby to look toward the sight so that he could take their picture. When Abby turned around she found Allen on one knee with a stunning ring. With just the three of them around, she said yes to the rest of their lives.

For Life & Love

This couple is full of life and love. Not only do they adore their family, they’re also devoted to their city and their sports teams. We traveled with them around Cleveland to some of the most iconic sites to capture fun and intimate moments. From the Cleveland sign to the city’s Cultural Gardens, we couldn’t help but see that these two are both dazzlingly in love and loved by their family and friends.

We send all our best to Abby, Allen, and Adalia, as they continue their lifetime journey as a family.