Rachel & Kevin

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Thousands of miles from home. A crowded room. A chance meeting. Rachel and Kevin’s story reads like a perfect romance.

The Cleveland Connection

In June 2012, Rachel had just recently started her first travel nursing assignment in Houston, Texas. With her fun spirit, she quickly made a new work friend, Heather, who was immediately excited to show her around town. Heather took Rachel to a bar in Midtown called Little Woodrow’s to experience Thursday night “turtle races.” Rachel’s first thought? “Texas is really weird.”

Though questioning the well-being of the racing turtles, she was happy when her new little group of friends moved closer to the bar where the televisions were streaming the Miami Heat vs. OKC Thunder NBA finals game. Heather’s now-husband Danny, struck up a conversation with a couple guys, both named Kevin, standing next to the small party and also paying close attention to the game. One of the Kevin’s happened to be wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers t-shirt.

The group soon learned that Cavs t-shirt Kevin was from Cleveland, Ohio, and was wearing the shirt in protest of LeBron James’ move to Miami. The northeast Ohio connection was instant, and Kevin spent the rest of the night talking with Rachel. They went on their first date the next week.

A Quiet Strength & a Carefree Spirit

Rachel is quick to say that Kevin is the more calm and reserved half of the couple. “He has a quiet strength about
him,” she muses. It’s clear that his dry sense of humor keeps Rachel laughing through any situation.

“You will see us laughing often, because we are silly together.”

Rachel is also relaxed, carefree spirit, however, she’s also the first to get on the dance floor. She enjoys being surrounded by friends and family, but at the end of the day she feels most at ease in Kevin’s arms.

Written on the Face 

Kevin proposed on October 30, 2015, knowing Halloween is one of Rachel’s favorite days of the year. He got home from work early that day (not unusual for him), and spent the extra hours carving a special message to Rachel – not your typical jack-o-latern pumpkin face, but a diamond ring. Rachel arrived home from work and they chatted a bit until they walked into the family room of their apartment.

The pumpkin was on the table and Kevin asked if Rachel knew what he had carved. She immediately answered, “a ring,” but the reality of the carving didn’t click in Rachel’s mind for a few moments. Kevin, got down on one knee and proposed, Rachel said a few choice curse words to show her surprise and excitement, and finally, she said yes.

The Perfect Beginning to Forever

Like their beginning of their story, Rachel and Kevin’s wedding day was a whirlwind of romance. They were married at ThornCreek Winery, a gorgeous outdoor venue in northeast Ohio, surrounded by the excitement of family and friends. True to their personalities, Rachel tore up the dance floor, and Kevin kept her laughing all day long. With an incredible sunset to end the day (but not the night), it was clear to all that Kevin and Rachel’s lifetime of adventure will be full of love.

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