Madison & Mason

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Faith. Family. Forever.

From a chance meeting at a middle school basketball game through years spent apart during college, Mason and Madison have built an abiding love and an easygoing friendship that stands the test of time. Their faith has carried them through the past, and as for their future? It’s sure to be a family affair.

I was shy, but I thought he was so good looking.


Madison and Mason met in 8th grade at a middle school basketball game. Introduced by friends, the attraction was mutual… and instant. “I was shy, but I thought he was so good looking,” she laughs. They spent hours on the phone together and quickly decided to start dating. Unfortunately, logistics soon got in the way of true love. “My mom got tired of driving me over to her, so we had to break up,” Mason smiles. “When I got to high school, I got a car and we started dating again.”

Eventually, the 20 minutes of distance between them turned into 6 hours as they left for college — It was tough, but their commitment didn’t waver.

“The first two years were hard, but I knew he was the one,” Madison says confidently. “Even back in middle school, my 14 year old brain thought he was the one!” “It was hard, but it made us stronger,” Mason agrees. “I was young, but I knew she was the kind of person I could marry.”


Mason took Madison to make their own wine at a local winery. They designed the bottle, made the label and came up with the name for their very own vintage. Once the time came to bottle it, Mason had the perfect surprise planned.

“He got the owner of the winery to call me and say that he wanted to use our picture in their promotional materials so that I would dress nicely,” Madison recalls. “When Mason came to pick me up, he looked so nice and I thought it was great that he was taking the owner so seriously!”

Once they were there, surrounded by both of their families, Mason got down on one knee and popped the question.

“It’s her beauty. She’s beautiful outside, but mostly, she’s beautiful inside. If you spend any time with her, you notice that.


Years ago, Mason was on a family vacation in the Florida Keys when a newlywed couple gave him some invaluable advice. “They told me that the couple that prays together, stays together.” Mason recalls. “So even back in high school, we started to pray together. It’s been the glue that’s kept us together through the hard times.”

As their relationship has grown over the last 10 years, their faith has grown as well. Today, you only need to spend a few minutes with this extraordinary couple to know that they’re focused on serving the Lord and loving each other, and that they’re stronger together.


Madison and Mason started their new life together on July 22, 2017. Just like the proposal, they said their vows surrounded by their family. Like the bride, the day was beautiful, but it’s what they have planned for the future that truly makes their marriage truly special.

“We want to help people,” Mason says. “We want to bring people to the Lord and help them live their lives at a high standard. We want to have a family eventually, and we want to be the kind of parents that our parents were to us.”

“Family is very important!” Madison agrees. “We want to teach our kids to glorify God and do what’s right for the world. I want to have a home that welcomes others and helps those in the community.

“Oh!” she laughs. “I also want to travel!”

For now, the couple is biding their time until they can move back home. Mason has three more years of dental school at Ohio State, and Madison is teaching in Olentangy. Once he’s finished with school, they’ll move back — to a house in the country — and Mason will join his father’s dental practice while Madison looks for a teaching job in her old school district.

And no matter what their future holds, they’ll face it hand-in-hand, stronger… together.

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