Q.  Should I book videography for my wedding?

A.  Absolutely.  Many of the couples who do not book a videographer tell us later that they wish they had.

Q.  Where are you based?

A.  Right here in northern Ohio.  All of our cinematographers are based here as well.  When you book with ZMEDIA, you can be assured that you are supporting local people and putting money back into the local economy.  This is extremely important to us.  We want to keep Ohio working!

Q.  Can I get drone footage with my wedding?

A.  Yes you can, but you will need to contact and ask us about drone coverage.  Our drone pilot is FAA certified and carries his own liability coverage.  This is the only way to go.  We only offer drone coverage in 2 videographer packages and you will need to verify with us that our independent drone pilot is available for your wedding.  You also need to let us know exactly where your locations will be.  Drone coverage will be listed specifically on your package, but the FAA governs fly/no-fly zones for drones, and our drone pilot follows these regulations.  The pilot can verify locations before you book, and as long as the FAA doesn’t change designations, it will be legal for the pilot to fly.  Please note that the remote pilot in command has the final word on whether he can fly safely on the wedding day. There are many factors that have to be considered including weather, wind speed and direction – the list is quite extensive and the pilot is the only one who can make that call.  If the pilot determines that it isn’t possible or safe to fly at that time, then the flight won’t be made.  Note that unless drone coverage is specifically listed, you do not have drone coverage as part of our service.

Q.  What’s the difference between cinematic and documentary content?

A.  Cinematic content is what you see on our homepage.  It’s cut together like a motion picture and set to music.  Documentary content is basic video content shot mostly on a static camera and utilizes on-camera audio.  The concentration of our videographers is on the cinematic portion of your package.   Book your package based on the length of cinematic content you would like and think of the documentary content as a nice extra to have that shows portions of your day as listed in your package.  Static cameras can have people moving in and out of the frame including guests, photographers and videographers.  Its not meant to be perfect.  Most couples watch and share their cinematic content again and again with friends and family.  This is our main focus.

Q.  Do you include raw footage with your packages?

A.  No – but we’re happy to provide you with a copy upon request.  All you need to do is provide us with a portable hard drive large enough for all the files.  We’ll be happy to copy the footage to your external drive.  Please contact us for details.

Q.  Can you guarantee I’ll get great audio of my vows/toasts – etc?

A.  Our videographers do their absolute best to get good audio from key moments of the day, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee it.  Getting great audio from a live event can be challenging.  Even if everything goes right, a simple issue like a person not holding a microphone close to their mouth during toasts is going to affect what the videographer can get and what is usable.

Q.  Do I meet my videographer?

A.  Typically the videographer does not meet in person with the couple.  We strive to keep our pricing as reasonable as possible and having the videographer meet in person would push the cost of the packages higher as their time has to be covered.  You will, however, discuss your wedding with your videographer by phone closer to your wedding date (usually a week to two weeks before the wedding).  You will also fill out a full questionnaire providing them with extensive details about your wedding day about 6 weeks before the wedding.  You’ll go over these details when you speak with them before your wedding.

Q.  How is my video delivered?

A.  Online.  This makes it easy for you to share your cinematic content with friends and family.  You are also able to easily download the files for safe-keeping.  The main reason for delivery online is it allows us to deliver our edits in the highest resolution possible.  Standard DVDs are a low res format and BluRay discs are cumbersome and players are becoming more scarce.  Online is definitely the future.  Depending on your package, we may also deliver additional files via USB drive.  Contact us today for more information.  

Q.  How long does it take to get my video?

A.  Approximately 90 – 120 days after your wedding.  Is it possible that delivery may take longer?  We hope not, but it is possible.  It depends on the time of the year and how many videos are scheduled into production at the same time.  We never like to see videos take longer than 120 days, but it can happen.  If it does, we ask for your patience as the editors work through their edits as quickly as possible while maintaining their quality standards.

Q.  Can I select the music for my cinematic edits?

A.  Absolutely.  We have a growing library of music that we have licensed for wedding edits.  We’re always happy to share a link for you to select the music for your video.  Typically our editors select the best fit for your day, but you can simply request on your wedding questionnaire that you’d like to help select your music.  There is no additional charge for songs which we already have licensed.  We also have access to a nearly limitless selection of music from the companies we work with.  We can share these websites with you and if you find a song that you absolutely love, we can license it directly for your project for a small fee.

Q.  Can I use music I hear on the radio?

A.  In most cases, no – copyright restrictions are very clear and the penalties can be severe.  We utilize a number of music companies that specialize in providing cool music for wedding and commercial productions.  We also have a company that has some top 40 and other recognizable pieces available for license for an additional fee.  Check with us if you have questions.  All of the demos you hear on our site feature music selections from these companies.  They rock!  We have a background in music and will make music selections that fit your wedding.  You can even be involved in the process of selecting the music if you’d like.  Just let us know when you fill out your questionnaire.

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