Can I get drone coverage with my wedding?  Yes you can, but you will need to contact us to discuss availability.  Our drone pilot is FAA certified.  This is the only way to go.  It is illegal to provide drone services for weddings without FAA certification.  We are sticklers on this.  If you are considering another videography company – please ask this simple question.  Is your drone pilot FAA certified?  If they say no  – walk away.  You are taking a huge risk and doing so illegally.

We only offer drone coverage in 2 videographer packages and you will need to verify with us that our independent drone pilot is available for your wedding.  You also need to let us know exactly where your locations will be.  Drone coverage will be listed specifically on your contract if it is included, but the FAA governs fly/no-fly zones for drones, and our drone pilot follows these regulations.  The pilot can verify locations before you book, and as long as the FAA doesn’t change designations, it will be legal for the pilot to fly.  The remote pilot in command has the final word on whether he feels he can fly safely on the wedding day. There are many factors that have to be considered including weather, wind speed and direction – the list is quite extensive and the pilot is the only one who can make that call.  If the pilot determines that it isn’t possible or safe to fly at that time, then the flight won’t be made.  Note that unless drone coverage is specifically listed, you do not have drone coverage as part of our service.

Here are a couple of videos that feature drone coverage –