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When two people are meant to be, they find each other.

Budding Buckeye Love

Amelia and Ryan unknowingly grew up just 15 minutes away from each other their entire childhood. It wasn’t until spring quarter of freshman year at Ohio State that – also unbeknownst to Amelia – their love story began. Ryan looked across his Honors Statistics class and could not take his eyes off of a girl wearing a Pi Phi sweatshirt. Ryan was too nervous to ask her on a date, and Amelia was engrossed in her studies – the timing still wasn’t right.

Fast forward one year later, and the stars aligned when Ryan and Amelia were admitted into the same business honors program. Not surprisingly, Amelia was running late the morning of the honors program’s first volunteering event, so she had to forego makeup and threw her hair up into a messy bun. She kept noticing at the event, though, that this cute guy named Ryan was staring at her, even when he was talking to other classmates about things totally unrelated to her. She was onto him!

One week later, the junior and senior cohort classes hosted a party for the rookie honors business group. While Ryan intended to skip drinking that night, Amelia thought there might be some chemistry between them. So she was highly persuasive in getting Ryan to imbibe in some Natty Light liquid courage (looking back, the couple still finds this highly ironic). The two lovebirds hit it off that evening, with Ryan kissing Amelia goodnight at the doorsteps of Pi Phi. The couple lived one block away that year and spent every day together until the quarter ended. On June 1st, 2011, Ryan officially asked Amelia to be his girlfriend, and their love story continued to unfold from that day forward.

Who They Are

Amelia and Ryan pride themselves on building their relationship on authenticity, real love, respect, and friendship. When asked what they wanted captured on their wedding day they said,

“We want our wedding to capture the unique happiness we will be experiencing on our wedding day. Candid, fun, loving moments. We will be celebrating just over six years of dating on our wedding. We lived apart for about a year and a half, and just feel our wedding is a culmination of commitment and trust that we both wanted us to work out from day one.”


The Hopelessly Romantic Proposal

Ryan has often been described as a “hopeless romantic,” so he set out to make the perfect proposal for Amelia. He wanted to stay true to himself and pull out all the stops for the girl of his dreams. Some might say the thought and preparation that went into it was over and above the call of duty,  but if he had to do it again, he would – over and over.

Although Ryan bought the ring in December of 2014, Ryan waited until Amelia’s birthday weekend in February to surprise her with a trip across the country. Working with Amelia’s manager to schedule an all day “training,” Amelia woke up that Friday before to a birthday card with two boarding passes. Off to San Francisco!

Amelia and Ryan landed and drove straight to Muir Woods. Both love nature and hiking, but had never seen a Redwood tree, so they took to the trails with Ryan’s backpack, a tripod, and his computer. They spent the next hour standing next to the majestic trees – the ones that make you feel so small, but so part of nature that it takes your breath away. When the time was right, Ryan sat Amelia down, opened up his computer and showed her a video he made. For fifty days leading up to this weekend, Ryan secretly recorded videos of “50 Reasons Why He Loves Amelia.”

After the video, Ryan closed his computer and pulled out his tripod to take pictures by the stream they were sitting by. On the final picture, he asked Amelia to close her eyes because he was going to do something goofy. He went over to his backpack and retrieved the ring, took Amelia’s hand on one knee. They’ve never looked back.

That evening, their hotel in downtown San Francisco had champagne waiting, and they dined at a small Italian restaurant. Amelia thought the weekend couldn’t get any more perfect, but on Amelia’s birthday that Saturday, Ryan had one more surprise – a professional photographer met them on Baker Beach for engagement pictures near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Hopelessly Romantic Wedding

Amelia and Ryan were married in June of 2017 at the dreamy Rivercrest Farm in Dover, Ohio. Tucked in a valley on 120 acres of rolling hills next to a river, the venue is a small family-owned working farm and event venue. And now it’s also where Amelia and Ryan’s said, “I do.”

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